"I've always had a passion for art. At a young age I started drawing, sketching and painting. To me, art is about expression, and seeing things from different perspectives. I believe that everything has it's own unique beauty.


In 2018 I decided to pursue my passion and dive into Makeup Artistry. With my experience of sketching, makeup came quite naturally to me and felt like another medium of art. When I realized that I could use those skills to help empower people and make them feel confident, it lit a fire in me that has been burning ever since.

Makeup is my calling. I absolutely love what I do. When I'm not applying makeup, you can find me working with MisMacK Clean Cosmetics. I believe in clean, ethical, sustainable products because I think we should be aware of the ingredients that we put onto our skin and where they come from."

Liana Boisvert

Hearten Photography

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Liana Artistry

Salmon Arm, BC